Bar J Chuckwagon
Supper & Western Music Show

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Open Memorial Day Weekend Through September

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Back on the Stage
Song List

Babe's Welcome

Ride, Cowboy, Ride

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo

Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie

Back in the Saddle Again

Stimulus Package/Chugwater Story

Old Man River

Cotton Patch Rag

Tim's Winning Ways

The Boys at Church

God Must be a Cowboy at Heart

When Donnie first Came Lookin' for Work

Momma Don't Allow

The Family Tree

I'm My Own Grandpa


Babe's Salute to Our Country's Veterans

Danny Boy

We're Going all the way Back to Genesis

Uncle Noah's Ark

In That Great Gettin' Up Morning

Chime Bells



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